7, Nov 2021
Make More Sales by Printing Smarter Direct Mail Programs

As creative agencies and marketing professionals gear up their printing and promotional programs for the holidays, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami printer, Rex Three, recommends marketers to use a combination of print and digital tactics to hit targets with a “One, Two Punch.” Rex Three goes beyond printing typical promotional pieces. Rex continuously expands its capabilities to provide marketers with more creative ways to market more and increase sales. Personalized direct marketing is an effective tactic many marketers do not take advantage of. Rex makes it easy for customers to tie personalized URLs with a simple direct mail campaign to increase online sales. By using Rex Three’s state-of-the-art variable printing technologies, marketers can print direct mail programs to drive traffic to a personalized landing page containing a personalized offer. Personalized landing pages allow promotions to be fully customizable to the audience with a call to action that is irresistible.

Marketing in the Hospitality Industry If you are in the hospitality industry and you know that your guest prefers Asian dining and an ocean view suite, consider your direct mail campaign golden when your mailer can direct your prospect to a personalized landing page playing the soothing sounds of ocean waves hitting the shore, while showcasing images of fine Asian cuisine. Many Rex customers in the hospitality industry have seen as much as a 43% return on investment from using this form of direct mail. Technology has allowed printed brochures and direct mail campaigns to achieve more with minimal costs. In the example above, the customized direct mail component served as the “One Punch” and the landing page as the “Two Punch”. Leaving out one component over the other could mean the difference between a slam-dunk deal.

To learn more about how to personalize your printed marketing communications, or how to tie printing with a personalized landing page, contact Vincent Sita, our Chief Technology Officer. Rex Three is a commercial printer offering a wide range of printing services in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Naples. Our team of printing professionals has over 20 years of commercial print, mailing, and fulfillment experience to support the promotional and communications needs of any industry, including hospitality, manufacturing, automotive sales, education, home interiors and design, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and more.