5, Mar 2022
Provides Business Forms To Make Big Money

Business forms printing approximately has 15-20% growth for every year in China market, but at European, US, Japan this line was not actually growth in past 10 year; therefore the business forms with high quality and low cost is suiting to Hesperian demanding.

The all-around service is only one way.

Besides related tax invoice, the business forms for telecommunication, credit card, cable TV, water, electricity, gas, insurance policy and bank forms will be growing in future market.

In addition, transportation Invoices with bar code, postal and the Direct Mail has large demanding, how the supplier provides the all-around products to give his customer? That also is one kind of advantageous competitive power,

This kind of service’s content will contain all printing related services, from technics processing, printing, binding, to packing and delivery.

How to choose the suitable equipment to solve the production demand and to promote products competitive advantage are very important, the colored business forms service aims to the specific VIP customer,

How to shows the true quality of colour is very important. But how to set a digital equipment on the web press, and simultaneously also satisfy the web press basic speed (100 meters/minute) and 18 inchs wide request,

Sometimes, it needs to process carbonless paper as well as the quality of 600dpi, which is also quite important.

According to demand to produce is trait in the era

Our way for this line is cooperating with the government institution, education system, financial institution, communication department, retail trade, transportation and logistics, there is containing large demand, therefore the business forms provider are more suitable to run the business than other printers.