5, Mar 2022
Provides Business Forms To Make Big Money

Business forms printing approximately has 15-20% growth for every year in China market, but at European, US, Japan this line was not actually growth in past 10 year; therefore the business forms with high quality and low cost is suiting to Hesperian demanding.

The all-around service is only one way.

Besides related tax invoice, the business forms for telecommunication, credit card, cable TV, water, electricity, gas, insurance policy and bank forms will be growing in future market.

In addition, transportation Invoices with bar code, postal and the Direct Mail has large demanding, how the supplier provides the all-around products to give his customer? That also is one kind of advantageous competitive power,

This kind of service’s content will contain all printing related services, from technics processing, printing, binding, to packing and delivery.

How to choose the suitable equipment to solve the production demand and to promote products competitive advantage are very important, the colored business forms service aims to the specific VIP customer,

How to shows the true quality of colour is very important. But how to set a digital equipment on the web press, and simultaneously also satisfy the web press basic speed (100 meters/minute) and 18 inchs wide request,

Sometimes, it needs to process carbonless paper as well as the quality of 600dpi, which is also quite important.

According to demand to produce is trait in the era

Our way for this line is cooperating with the government institution, education system, financial institution, communication department, retail trade, transportation and logistics, there is containing large demand, therefore the business forms provider are more suitable to run the business than other printers.

7, Nov 2021
Make More Sales by Printing Smarter Direct Mail Programs

As creative agencies and marketing professionals gear up their printing and promotional programs for the holidays, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami printer, Rex Three, recommends marketers to use a combination of print and digital tactics to hit targets with a “One, Two Punch.” Rex Three goes beyond printing typical promotional pieces. Rex continuously expands its capabilities to provide marketers with more creative ways to market more and increase sales. Personalized direct marketing is an effective tactic many marketers do not take advantage of. Rex makes it easy for customers to tie personalized URLs with a simple direct mail campaign to increase online sales. By using Rex Three’s state-of-the-art variable printing technologies, marketers can print direct mail programs to drive traffic to a personalized landing page containing a personalized offer. Personalized landing pages allow promotions to be fully customizable to the audience with a call to action that is irresistible.

Marketing in the Hospitality Industry If you are in the hospitality industry and you know that your guest prefers Asian dining and an ocean view suite, consider your direct mail campaign golden when your mailer can direct your prospect to a personalized landing page playing the soothing sounds of ocean waves hitting the shore, while showcasing images of fine Asian cuisine. Many Rex customers in the hospitality industry have seen as much as a 43% return on investment from using this form of direct mail. Technology has allowed printed brochures and direct mail campaigns to achieve more with minimal costs. In the example above, the customized direct mail component served as the “One Punch” and the landing page as the “Two Punch”. Leaving out one component over the other could mean the difference between a slam-dunk deal.

To learn more about how to personalize your printed marketing communications, or how to tie printing with a personalized landing page, contact Vincent Sita, our Chief Technology Officer. Rex Three is a commercial printer offering a wide range of printing services in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Naples. Our team of printing professionals has over 20 years of commercial print, mailing, and fulfillment experience to support the promotional and communications needs of any industry, including hospitality, manufacturing, automotive sales, education, home interiors and design, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and more.

4, Aug 2021
Allwest Aerial Lift Sales

Considering the world today, progress has grown by leaps and bounds. In line with that, machineries have been instrumental in the speed by which we have been progressing. Without these heavy duty equipment, our growth would have been much slower.

There are different kinds of heavy duty equipment that can be used to access difficult areas, or to do the job faster for you. At Allwest, we try to find the machinery you need to do the job at a price and package that will not clean out your bank account.

Nothing is more difficult than having to make do. Aside from compromising your business, you expose your employees and workers to more danger. Gone are the days when workers have to swing precariously from a flimsy platform to get a window replacement job done. Our used aerial lifts can accomplish the job without using too much of company time.

The safety measures of all our equipment have been checked and double checked. We make sure that when a machine leaves us, it will perform without breaking down

You may think that buying used equipment might be more expensive in the long run, but you will definitely change your mind once you have tried us out. Our reputations for being able to deliver quality machines have made us the number one supplier of aerial lifts and other heavy equipment.

Owning an aerial life will help you streamline your business. Labor costs will go down. Aerial lifts can do the work of 5 men in less the time it would normally take.

Allwest should be your first choice as a provider of aerial lifts. It is so easy to contact us. We provide you with what you need, and we look for ways to get you what you want. Our lease to own packages are very attractive, and light on the business pocket. We also offer limited warranted on our used equipment. What other company can offer all these to you?

Allwest has several aerial lifts to choose from. The size and capacity of the model should be dependent on the projects you normally do. We can advise you which machine would be economical and effective for your business.

What?s more, Allwest can ship your aerial lift to any place around the globe.

Forget renting. You make more if you own the equipment. In fact, you could have a sideline business of renting the equipments you buy from us. Imagine, it could actually pay its own way!

Browse through our website and check the items we have. If you do not find the one you are looking for, let us know. We will find it for you. We have a comprehensive contact list in the US and Canada. We might even find the aerial lift you want in an area near you.

Give us a call, send us a message, or a request form. We do our best to get back to you immediately. No request is too small for our undivided attention.

9, May 2021
Relax Your Customer

One of the most important skills a doctor can posses, is that of a bed side manner. In the same sense, it is important that sales people posses the same type of skill, to be able to put their customer at ease.

Relaxing your customer is important to any type of sales situation you may find yourself in. Remember, think of the customer as a guest in your house, you are the host, so you want to make them as comfortable as possible in your house. The more comfortable they are in your house, the easier it will be for them to talk to you.

In sales, trying to persuade someone we have never met before to buy our product can be very challenging.

It can be challenging for a number of reasons, mainly the fear that consumers associate with sales people.

The fear that we are all alike, comparing us to the unfair stereotype of the used car salesman. They are afraid of being convinced to buy something they don?t need at a price they can?t afford.

You need to find a common denominator with your customer, something you can both relate to, something non-business.

A non-business conversation is a great way to break the ice with your customer. We all want to make a sale, but since when is it a crime to get to know your customer?

This is easier than you may think, people love to talk, especially about them selves.

So ask questions. Ask about their pets, their families, their work, and their hobbies.

When I was in banking, I managed a branch inside of a supermarket. Our daily goals consisted of going out into the aisles, approaching customers, and trying to convince them to bank with us.

We applied certain techniques to this type of sales that worked rather well.

For instance, the pet food aisle was a good place to talk to people, because people loved to talk about their pets. A simple question such as; ?What kind of dog do you have?? would get them talking with the greatest of ease.

The junk food aisle was also a good place to talk to people. For some reason the presence of candy and junk food put people in a good mood, and they were more prone to talk with a stranger.

One place we stayed away from, was the frozen food section, because people didn?t want to talk where it was cold. Understandable.

My point is, people love to talk as long as they can relate to the subject manner, so don?t be afraid to ask questions, and get to know your customer beyond that of the products they need.

The more relaxed you can make your customer in your setting, the better off the two of you will be, and the more sales you will walk away with.

This article may be reproduced by anyone at any time, as long as the authors name and reference links are kept in tact and active.

11, Feb 2021
Explode Your Sales With These Killer Techniques!

After the sale follow up with the customer. You’d be surprised how often this simple tips is overlooked! You could follow-up with a “thank you” email and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow-up every few months.

  1. You could upsell to your customers. When they’re at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale. They could just add it to their original order.
  2. Tell your customers if they refer four customers to your web site, they will receive a full rebate of their purchase price. This will turn one sale into three sales. 4. When you sell a product, give your customers the option of joining an affiliate program so they can make commissions selling your product. This will multiply the sale you just made.
  3. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to your products. You could include an ad on or with the product for other products you sell. You could make sales for the reproduction rights and sales on the back end product.
  4. You could cross promote your product with other businesses’ products in a package deal. You can include an ad or flyer for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.
  5. When you ship out or deliver your product, include a coupon for other related products you sell in the package. This will attract them to buy more products from you.
  6. Send your customers a catalog of add-on products for the original product they purchased. This could be upgrades, special services, attachments, etc. If they enjoy your product they will buy the extra add-ons.
  7. Sell gift certificates for your products. You’ll make sales from the purchase of the gift certificate, when the recipient cashes it in. They could also buy other items from your web site. 10. Send your customers free products with their product package. The freebies should have your ad printed on them. It could be bumper stickers, ball caps, t-shirts etc. This will allow other people to see your ad and order.
6, Dec 2020
How To Target Keywords For Your Product?

Keyword is a word or phrase entered into a search engine in an effort to get the search engine to return matching and relevant results. Many web sites offer advertising based on keyword targeting so an advertisers banner will only show when a specific keyword is entered. Keyword stands for much more than its literal interpretation. Choosing the right keyword is one of the most important factors to market online.

How to choose the most effective keyword phrase for your product and service? Tips for finding a name that is just right.

1.Your keywords should always be relevant to your site, product or service.

2.Know who and where your audience is. Different keywords speak to different parts of the country. Different terminologies are used all over the world so you should try to use these keywords according to your target market. For example, sweaters are also called sweatshirt, jumper, pullover and jersey. But remember, avoid using internal business jargon or region slang that your potential customers may never search for.

3.Think as your customers. Ask yourself several questions: How your customers search? What words do they use? What’s their intent? Pretend you are your customer, you wanna purchase a certain kind of product, what keywords do you like to use? There are many channels to work on it. Your customers’ feedback, consultancy from customers, salesmen, your agents, etc. You can even ask employees or colleagues to simulate customers and collect their keywords as a list.

4.Consider regional keywords. If your product or service belongs to a particular region, then your keywords should contain the city or state. For example, you are running a bookstore in Los Angeles, “Los Angeles Bookstore” looks better than “Bookstore”.

5.Don ‘t depend on yourself to choose the right keywords. Your audience may not use the same keywords you think they’d use. In this case, why not turn to some friends outside your business? Or ask your customers for some recommendations? They may give you some very useful suggestions.

6.Stay away from general keywords. Before you are trying to choose very common and often-used keywords such as “computer” or “table”, think about the following points. Firstly, generic keywords bring more competitors. The competition must be fierce. Is that what you want? Particular phrases are much better than single keywords which help you stand out among never-ending search results. What’s more, searches show that when a consumer wants to purchase something, he or she will type exact title instead of single keywords. For example, your friends want to buy the DVD of 007, which do you prefer, DVD, DVD of 007 or Pierce Brosnan DVD of 007?

7.Consider your individual goods or services. Find some words to mark the characteristics of your own goods or services. Keep in mind that it’s not only a name of products, but also a way of advertising online. If you are selling vanilla chocolate then use “vanilla chocolate” rather than using “chocolate”. People who search for “chocolate” may be looking for black chocolate, coffee chocolate, hazel chocolate or any other kind of chocolates available. If vanilla chocolate is your concerned business category then getting an inquiry for coffee chocolate is worthless. It would be better to have fewer users interested in vanilla chocolate rather than high users interested in other chocolates.

8.Consider the age-group consumers. If your product or service is related to a particular age group, you’d better include it with your keyword phrases. For example: Kids T-shirt, Baby Shampoo.

9.Consider season-targeted keywords. If your products vary with season like apparel, you should mention the season name in the phrase. For example: Ladies’ Winter Coats.

a general keyword and add a specific word to it. If you just favor general keywords, write a list of those and add some specific words to it. Different combination of keywords work out different results.

what keywords are your competitors using. Sometimes you might omit some words. At this moment, collect the typical websites of your competitors, see what keywords the are using and how they rank in the search engines. Of course you do not need to copy their keywords, you just go through those tags and pick out one or two keywords that may be helpful.

Keyword Tool (e.g. ) to better your keywords.

your keywords time to rank. There are many factors affecting the ranking. So do not expect your site, product or service rank well immediately.

you’ve determined your keyword phrases, keep it on. Never leave it alone. Do not think your keywords are always perfect for your site, product or service. The world is changing. Internet is changing. Consumer is changing. Our competitor is changing. You should continue to re-evaluate your keywords and see which are well-done and which are failing. Find their ranking in the search results and analyze how comes.